Fifteen years ago we printed mostly white t-shirts. The world of t-shirts had changed since then. Back then you only had about 10 styles of shirts to choose from and now there are thousands. In an effort to help you not feel too overwhelmed by the process of picking out a t-shirt, below is a breakdown of different options.

100% Cotton t-shirts – Mill Cotton – 5-6 oz  

The days are gone when you received a free t-shirt that would shrink up on you with one wash. The less expensive shirts these days last the longest and that’s what these shirts are. They are heavier shirts that are not as soft as any of the other shirts we offer, but they will last you through many more washes. Keep in mind that anytime you get a cotton t-shirt, it will fade. That is what cotton does. If you want a shirt that will keep its color we recommend going with a 50/50 blend; the polyester will help keep the color longer.

All of the shirts listed below are very similar. If you cannot decide which one to go with, just go with the one that has the color you want. As far as feel goes they are very similar and all of these are going to be bigger, boxier shirts.

Gildan 2000 – 6oz 100% cotton tee

Gildan 5000 – 5oz 100% cotton tee

Port & Co PC61 – 6oz 100% cotton tee

Port & Co PC54 – 5oz 100% cotton tee

Hanes 5250 – 6oz 100% cotton tee

50/50 Polyester / Cotton T-shirts – 5oz 

Polyester has come a long way since the terrible itchy stuff you grew up with as a kid. Now it’s what just about every dri-fit shirt is made of. The 50/50 tee isn’t a dri-fit tee but it does have some good qualities to recommend it. These shirts will hold their color very well. Ten washes in and the original color will still hold. They also don’t shrink as much as the 100% cottons. If you are looking for a budget shirt that will last these are the shirts we recommend.

Gildan 8000 – 5oz 50/50 tee

Port & Co PC55 – 5oz 50/50 tee

Jerzee 29M – 5oz 50/50 tee

Comfort Color 100% cotton Garment washed tee – 6oz

This shirt gets its own category because it is that different. It’s a 6oz heavy cotton tee but it’s made with combed cotton so it’s soft. The pigment-dyed process leaves all of the colors washed out. Comfort Colors is a more expensive brand and shirt.

Keep in mind that stock is an issue for Comfort Colors. They are very popular and can be out of a color for a month. Call us or e-mail us and we can let you know what the stock levels are. If you are looking to get a job done quickly we will need to check that for you.

Comfort colors C1717 – 6oz 100% cotton tee

Port & Co PC099 – 6oz 100% cotton tee

(this shirt is Port & Companies version of the Comfort Color tee. It’s a less expensive option and stock is usually better)

100% cotton Soft cotton tees – 4oz 

These are softer cotton t-shirts. They are not the softest but they are a big step up from the original 100% shirts. These shirts are slimmer and longer than the wholesale sizing of the Mill Cotton shirts. The pricing on these shirts varies from mid-level to high. If you get a heathered shirt in any of these shirts they will most likely be a blend, keep that in mind when you are looking.

Gildan G640 – 4oz 100% Combed cotton

Port & Co PC450 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

Anvil 980 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

Canvas 3001c – 4oz 100% combed cotton

Next level 3600 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

Tultex 0202TC – 4oz 100% combed cotton

District DT6000 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

American Apparel 2001 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

LAT 6901 – 4oz 100% combed cotton

Softer cotton blended tees – 3-5oz

These shirts will range from the very thin 3oz tees to 5 oz. The prices on these shirts will vary from mid to high. What separates these shirts from the above blends is the fabric. All of these shirts are made with combed cotton and that is going to make all the difference when you feel and wear them.

Tultex Blended tee 0241TC – 3oz 65/35 poly/cotton

EI-LO 6200 – 4oz 50/50 poly/cotton

Next Level CVC 6210 – 4oz 60/40 poly/cotton

American Apparel BB401 – 4oz 50/50 poly/cotton

Canvas 3650 – 3.6oz 50/50 poly/cotton

Alternative Apparel – 4oz 50/50 Poly/cotton

Tri-blend tees – 4oz

Tri-blend tees are the softest shirt you can get. It’s the shirt you pick first out of a basket full of clean clothes. It’s your go-to on a lazy day around the house. The blend is typically 50% polyester / 25% combed cotton / 25% Rayon. They are all 4oz tees and they all feel very similar. The big difference between the brands is price. These are still the most expensive shirts we can get but the money is worth it and the cost of these over time will most likely come down.

District Made DM130

Next Level 6010

Canvas 3413C

American Apparel TR401

Tultex 0254TC


Instead of separating the ladies tees by material, we usually delineate them by fit. We have samples of most of these shirts in our show room. Please feel free to stop by and feel the material. Do not hesitate to ask for a size rundown of any of these shirts. There is nothing worse than getting a shirt that looks great but you can’t wear it because the sizes are all wrong. We will be happy to get you sample sizes ahead of time so that you can make sure everyone likes the fit and the feel.


Basic Ladies Cut 

These shirts are cut for a woman but they are not fitted.

Gildan 2000L – 6oz 100% cotton tee

Port & Co LPC54 –  5oz 100% cotton tee

Port & Co LPC55 – 5oz 50/50 Poly/Cotton tee

Jerzee 29WR – 5oz 50/50 Poly/Cotton tee

Softer Ladies Cut tee but Not fitted

These options are going to be in the lighter weight but not fitted.

Port & Co LPC450 – 4oz 100% cotton tee

District Made DM104L – 4oz 100% cotton tee

District Made DM108L – 4oz 50/50 Poly/Cotton tee

LAT 3516 – 4oz 100% cotton tee

District Made DM130L – 4oz Triblend tee

Bella relaxed fit B6400 – 4oz 100% cotton

Ladies Fitted tees

The following styles are going to fit much closer to your body. They generally run a size to two sizes smaller than the shirts above. We offer three different material choices: 100% cotton, basic cotton blend, and tri-blends.

100% cotton

Next Level Boyfriend tee 3900 – 4oz 100% cotton tee

Bella Ladies Favorite tee 6004 – 4oz 100% cotton tee

Tultex Ladies cotton tee 0213TC – 4oz 100% cotton tee

District Juniors DT6001 – 4oz 100% cotton tee


Next Level Ladies CVC 6610 – 4oz blended tee

Bella Ladies blend 6650 – 3oz blended tee

Tultex Blended Tee – 3oz blended tee


Next Level Ladies Triblend 6710 – 4oz Triblend tee

Bella Ladies Triblend  B8413– 4oz triblend tee


In the last 10 years, textile technology has improved polo shirts a great deal. Where cotton used to be king, now polyester rules the day. There are so many options available, we highly recommend you look at our list of catalogs for a brand you like. Here are some quality choices we recommend.

Inexpensive Bargain polos 

These polos are $15.00 or less with embroidery on the left chest included (logo 8,000 stitches or less)

 K100 – Port Authority Core Classic Polo – This is a cotton/poly blend polo that gives you that classic pique look and feel.
 K500 – Port Authority Silk touch polo – Similar to the K100, it is a cotton/poly blend. The K500 is a little heavier and has more polyester in it.
 KP150 – Port & Company ring spun pique polo – 100% soft ringspun cotton.
KP55 – Port & Company core blend jersey knit polo – This is a 50/50 polo that has the jersey knit feel of a t-shirt.

Mid-level polos – Best bang for your buck

These polos are $25.00 or less with the embroidery on the left chest included (logo 8,000 stitches or less)

T475 – Sport Tek Dry Zone Raglan Polo – 100% polyester polo – This polo feels and wears like many name brand polos that are twice as expensive.

88181 – Core 365 Men’s Origin Performance Polo – This has a mesh look to it but is a very soft polo to wear. It breaths well and looks professional.

K569 – Port Authority Diamond Jacquard Polo – A subtle diamond jacquard texture gives this moisture-wicking polo a finer, elevated appearance.

K573 – Port Authority Rapid Dry Mesh Polo – Upgrade your office look with a polo that combines cottony feel and smooth Rapid Dry moisture-wicking mesh. With a subtle texture and breathable performance, this polo is a modern, comfortable choice.

K555 – Port Authority Stretch Pique Polo – This polo feels and looks like your old school 100% cotton polo, but this one is a dri-fit and has a little stretch to it.

K576 – Port Authority Trace Heather polo  – Breathe new life into your office look with this active-inspired, heathered performance polo that wicks moisture and resists snags.

ST680 – Sport Tek Posicharge Micro-Mesh Polo – PosiCharge technology helps preserve colors and logos in a mesh that wicks moisture, resists snags and controls odors.

ST660 – Sport Tek Heather Contender Polo – This heathered style is sure to be a contender for your favorite moisture-wicking, snag-resistant polo. Lightweight and breathable, it excels at sports or casual events and it’s an exceptional value.

Sport Polos – Colorblock polos

These polos are $30.00 or less with the embroidery on the left chest included (logo 8,000 stitches or less)

ST652 – Sport Tek Colorblock Micropique Sport Wick Polo – Modern colorblocking and snag resistance give this moisture-wicking polo instant impact.

ST655 – Sport Tek Side Blocked Micropique Sport Wick polo – Smooth, snag-resistant and moisture-wicking micropique with colorblock panels.

T476 – Sport Tek Dry Zone Colorblock Raglan Polo – The moisture-wicking, odor-fighting performance of Dry Zone technology in a colorblocked raglan sleeve polo.

ST665 – Sport Tek Heather Colorblock Contender Polo – Color pops at the shoulders and sides make this moisture-wicking, snag-resistant polo a true contender for easygoing style.

ST600 – Sport Tek Dry Zone Sublimated stripe polo – A crisp sublimated stripe front panel takes our moisture-wicking, odor-fighting, breathable Dry Zone polo to the next level.

5404 Scout Sport shirt – Smooth knit wicking polo with a classic look.

5023 – Rival Sport shirt  – Stylish new colorblock has a different look to it than your normal sport polo.

High-end Name brand polos

These polos are the best of the best with the newest technology. Price for these start at 36.00 and go up from there. 

363807 – Nike Dri fit Micropique Polo – This comfortable micro pique polo has an exceptionally soft hand.

838964 – Nike Embossed Tri Blade Polo – An allover embossed tonal tri-blade pattern gives this retail-inspired polo a sophisticated edge while Dri-FIT moisture management technology delivers breathable performance.

838965 – Nike Dri fit Crosshatch Polo – The all-over crosshatch print adds a retail, technical look to this polo, while the Dri-FIT fabrication ensures breathable comfort.

OG130 – Ogio Metro Polo – A sleek, breathable and ultra-urban style that evokes function in every detail.

OG129 – Ogio Express Polo – Sophistication meets OGIO edge in this textured herringbone pocket polo.

OG126 – Ogio Onyx Polo – Ultra soft, yet built for performance, this two-tone polo pushes the envelope with innovative sleeve design and coverstitch details.

A130 – Adidas Climalite Basic Short sleeve polo – Incredibly lightweight and smooth performance polo.

A76 – Adidas Climalite 3 Sripe Cuff Polo – Lightweight polo with the iconic Adidas stripes on the cuff.

A161 – Adidas Climalite Textured Polo – This polo has a very subtle texture to it that gives it a nice professional look.


Cotton Caps – Baseball style

GWT-111 – Outdoor cap – 6 Panel Unstructured Garment washed twill cap

CP80 – Port & Company – 6 panel Structured twill cap

AD969 – Adams – Pigment dyed unstructured cap

Trucker Caps – Mesh back caps

MBW-600 – Outdoor Cap – Plastic Snap Closer

MBW-800 – Outdoor cap  –  Velcro back

GL-270M – Velcro back

Richardson 112 – Snap back closer

Pacific Headwear 104c – Snap back cap

Running caps – These are very lightweight caps that are unstructured and dry-fit.

C821 – Port Authority Perforated Cap

429467 – Nike Perforated Cap

410L – Pacific Cap Lightweight runner cap

416L – Pacific Cap – Lightweight runner cap with a little structure to it.

Dri-fit caps – These are heavier than the runners caps above but still over a good breathable cap.

STC26 – Sport Tek Racermesh Cap

JM-123 – Outdoor Cap – Athletic Mesh Cap

AMW-100 – Outdoor cap – Unstructured Dri-fit mesh cap

298M – Pacific Cap – Structured Dri-fit Cap

Flatbill caps

NE400 – New Era – Flat bill structured Wool Caps.

148-1197 – Otto cap – Flat bill structured Cotton Twill.

4D3 – Pacific Cap – Trucker Flat bill structured twill.


STC27 – Sport Tek – Racermesh Dri fit material.

CP45 – Port & Company – Fashion Twill visor

JMV-100 – Outdoor cap – Athletic Mesh Visor

Fitted caps.

There are many options for a fitted cap. I recommend checking out our cap catalogs for Richardson, Pacific and Outdoor cap.


Big Catalogs – These have some of everything – Here are the brands they offer.



Sanmar – Port Authority, Port & Company, Nike, Ogio, Sport-Tek, District, District Made, Cornerstone, Eddie Bauer, New Era, Alternative Apparel, and Gildan.

Alpha Broder – Ash City, Comfort Color, Bella, Canvas, LAT, Gildan, Anvil, Hanes, Jerzee, Yupoong, Flexfit, Adams, Adidas, Hook & Tackle, New Balance, Champion, Next Level and many more

TSC Apparel – Tultex, Ei-Lo, Comfort colors, Bella, Canvas, Gildan, Anvil, Hanes, Jerzee, Izod, American Apparel, Dickies, LAT, J America, and many more


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